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The United Pentecostal Church of the Netherlands

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Official name:

United Pentecostal Church of the Netherlands

Publicly known name:

United Pentecostal Church of the Netherlands



Postal Address:

Noordmeerstraat 10
2131 AD Hoofddorp

Telephone Number:

075 6570597




The policy plan of the Pentecostal Church in the Netherlands indicates how we, as a denomination, want to fulfill our objective, both nationally and internationally. The denomination has the purpose of spreading the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and everything that is directly or indirectly related to this or that can be conducive to it. In doing so, we focus on offering a helping hand to: “The fellow human in need”. We find the inspiration and basis for this in the Bible. The denomination provides intangible and material assistance where the government or other affiliated agencies can offer no or limited assistance.

Outline current policy plan:

Description of work / activities to achieve the goal;
Source of income;
Use of financial resources;
Board composition.

Board Composition:

The board of the denomination consists of:
President ML Tuttle
Secretary / Treasurer nn
Other members CT Stovall
B. Akutei Remuneration policy


The board members and volunteers can get their expenses and / or travel expenses reimbursed. This can be for actually incurred and demonstrated costs and / or a flat-rate reimbursement.

Report activities carried out:

Due to great growth as a denomination, activities have increased considerably in recent years, both at local, national and international level. In addition to the general weekly services, prayer meetings and lessons in different regions, there are weekly activities for children and youth. Every year we have a number of conferences and we organize trips to conferences in countries around us. We also organize a variety of training courses, courses, seminars and outings for all ages. The municipality also offers material and immaterial assistance to people in need.